My latest submission

*** Ziggy gives by7by7uby8by8byu8 the permission to talk.
<PoeticJaffaCake> 41u(8*8*8u) =?
<by7by7uby8by8byu8> huh
<PoeticJaffaCake> 41u(64*8u) =
<PoeticJaffaCake> 41u*512u=
<PoeticJaffaCake> 20992u
<PoeticJaffaCake> I just solved your nickname
<by7by7uby8by8byu8> your a idiot
<PoeticJaffaCake> *you’re an
<mum> lmao
<by7by7uby8by8byu8> im in college idiots australians suck
<PoeticJaffaCake> your is belonging to, you’re is a contraction of you and are, an and a is more complicated but its to do with the vowels in the following noun
<PoeticJaffaCake> your college sucks lol
<mum> pmsl
<by7by7uby8by8byu8> its chat im not going tomtake the time to pronounce everything
* mum walks off chuckling
<by7by7uby8by8byu8> washington state university rules ho
<by7by7uby8by8byu8> zuuuuuu cruuuuuuuuuuuuu
<PoeticJaffaCake> yeah, because typing you’re and an is much more time consuming than your and a
<by7by7uby8by8byu8> fucken cunts im leaving
<PoeticJaffaCake> *fuckin’
<mum> hahahahahaha
<– by7by7uby8by8byu8 has left this server (User Quit).

All I want for Christmas is for this to be accepted.

Yes I know the maths buggers up at the beginning, and it’s really sad that I want to have a quote on there, but I do I do I do!

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