Buddhism is a Philosophy

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2 Responses to Buddhism is a Philosophy

  1. marie says:

    I read this page at about 3am this morning and was too tired to comment properly – so I thought I’d take some time to now.
    Thanks for outlining a lot of the fundamentals of Buddhism which are widely misconstrued. I for one didn’t understand the concept of rebirth – and as you know took the meaning to the extreme and assumed I’d be reborn as a snail in my next life as I have squished several in the past…. lol

    It seems that Buddhism has many concepts in it’s philosophies which are just basic common sense.
    This is a subject which has made me extremely inquisitive and thirsty for more knowledge on the subject so hurry up and finish your book so I can swipe it.
    I think the part that has me most hooked is the fact that these teachings helps explain a purpose to life and also to help explain the injustice that is seen around the world. There is no ‘scare-mongering’ of going to the toasty place if you don’t behave as just one book tells you to. – just a code of practice that helps you to lead a moral life and to achieve a state ot true-happiness at the end of it.

    Since knowing you, you have made me question things before taking them as fact. I thank you for doing this as I feel it has opened my eyes to a whole new world that was closed to me before and I’m looking forward to learning heaps more on this subject that will hopefully open my eyes even wider.

  2. PoeticJaffaCake says:

    You shouldn’t squish snails, it isn’t the Buddhist way 😛

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