Some People….

Inside Track: From Freedom Fries to War Powers

by Philip Giraldi


Representative Walter B. Jones of North Carolina, a conservative Republican who supported the Iraq War and co-sponsored the resolution that expunged French fries from the House cafeteria menu and renamed them “freedom fries”, might seem an unlikely foe of President George W. Bush. But then Jones saw the reality of the war he had helped unleash. A steady stream of dead and wounded soldiers from his district began to trickle back from the Iraqi battle front as the insurgency grew and the White House seemed at a loss to either explain or put an end to the worsening situation. Jones also became concerned about the increasingly bellicose rhetoric coming out of the White House regarding Iran, language that seemed to suggest that another and far worse war was about to begin. At that point, Jones decided to work with other like-minded congressional leaders to impede the president’s ability to go to war without any meaningful political process. The first place Congressman Jones looked to for guidance was the United States Constitution. ………………..

I have one word for you senator.  ‘Tit’.

It’s war, what did you think would happen?  People die and suffer terribly because of them.

People are pro-war until it starts hitting a little closer to home, then reality bites.
I always find that strange and annoying, maybe even a little sickening.  It always sends out the message that it’s ok aslong as it doesn’t directly affect me…

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