Linux on the PS3

Finally got ‘a round to it’.  And it was pretty simple, at least for the main part.

Lost all my game data though, because I was too stubborn to back everything up when told I had to before partitioning.

Anyways, like I say, was pretty simple following the guide here.

The trouble came with the wireless, but I sorted it after a kernel upgrade and a few other tit bits which I found on the above sites forum.  Took a lot of digging though, mainly because I’m rather lazy and impatient when it comes to down to it with technology (I see women nodding everywhere at this male trait), rather hands on than a reader.

So, it’s done and I have ubuntu on the PS3, however its the wireless file sharing that really did me in, and yep, its still not up and running.  Ah well, something to work on and at least I can play Dvix films from a usb stick.

Onwards and upwards.


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