After using PCLinuxOs for what seems like donkeys years I’ve moved closer to the Linux mainstream with Kubuntu.

And what a pleasant experience it is. I have started using Kontact, which I know I could have before, and it’s brilliant. Bye bye thunderbird…

I am having a couple of issues which I will no doubt resolve when I can be bothered to, or when I need to, whichever comes first. These problems are all based around my second hard disk install of Vista Ultimate. Grub didn’t pick up the installation, so I have no way of booting into beloved Windows (yeah right!). And the windows disk with its NTFS file system refuses to mount in Kubuntu, so I have no way of accessing the disk. But, with the way I’m feeling now with Kubuntu I am really not that bothered. It’s that good! I couldnt really get a proper feel for it on my Asus EEE with the SD Card install. But Linux users unite!

PCLinuxOS is dead, long live Kubuntu!


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