Ravenous (1999)

Director: Antonia Bird
Guy Pearce – Capt. John Boyd
Robert Carlyle – Col. Ives / F.W. Colqhoun

A soldier in the Mexican-American war in 1847 is promoted to captain for his perceived bravery but soon transferred to a remote outpost in the Sierra Nevadas when the cowardly truth becomes evident. The outpost’s keepers seem on the brink of madness in their own ways, and what passes for their tranquil is shattered by the intrusion of the lone survivor of an ill-fated expedition that ended in murder and cannibalism.

Blood and everything else thirsty / eaty.  Not really a bad picture but not one that is going to stick in your mind forever.  This is a lightweight but yet engrossing horror flick.  The leads both play it well and I’m a fan of both so that helps.  This is the type of horror movie I like, one that doesn’t have a totally believable storyline but just keeps enough realism to not end up in the realm of laughability.



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