LOL (2006)

Director: Joe Swanberg
Joe Swanberg – Tim
C. Mason Wells – Chris

The relationships of three men are examined through their use of technology.

I was really looking forward to this film when I saw it’s plot outline and film title.  Being a person who knows the ins and outs of online relationships, having had a few in my time.  (My current fiance and our daughter all started from the medium that is the internet).   I was disappointed in the end result of this feature.  I still spend quite a lot of my time online and ‘chatting’ and from my 10+ years experence this film hit no nails on the head whatsoever.  The reality of the online world isn’t this bad!  Honestly!  As for the actual film itself I suppose it is well made for something of a home brew but I found it more cringe worthy than anything else.  Watch it as a diversion but not as something to sit down and really enjoy.



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