Are we overreacting to climate change?

Bjorn Lomborg’s last book The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World has been one of the most controversial of the last few years. So when we heard that he has a new book out we couldn’t resist getting him into the New Scientist offices to tell us more about it.


I think that comment is worth mulling over but as was stated we don’t have amazingly long time scales to think / act. The effects of climate change and global warming will be so wide reaching and devastating that any money diverted to things like world poverty will be stripped from its cause by the effects that changes to the way our world functions bring. Starvation and quality of life indicators only increase and decrease relatively as the effects of global warming become real.

It would be worse not to act now and for the worst to happen, than to act and have nothing happen. Acting on these predictions can only bring something good to the world and the way we treat it and how, in the future, she treats us.


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