More Linux

I have always been a linux fan boy at heart and it’s time for me to test out those ‘feelings’ again.  So if you are a regular reader you will remember me doing a ‘how to install linux on a laptop’ a few days ago.  Well I have basically followed those same instructions to dual boot my main PC with Vista Ultimate and PCLinuxOS.

All I had to do differently is select the hard drive that didn’t have the Vista installation and format that, leaving vista untouched and the install does the rest.  So I’m typing this from linux and I’m hoping this is where I spend the majority of my computing time.  I know I will have to revert to Windows for certain tasks, those which require software that linux doesn’t support or have a viable alternative to.  But for my day to day, that means 95%, computing I’m hoping to stick with linux.  Of course I’ll keep everyone posted on any hiccups or brilliant moments of clarity that come along while doing this.  So far its been a smooth ride.  I have my net, my email, my irc and my IM set up the way I want them.  Fingers crossed for the rest.

I have some bits and bobs to post later and the promised post about the effects of global warming is in the works.


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