2 Responses to Comedy Carbon Offsetting

  1. Jenan says:

    When my son was 10, in 1982, he did a science project ( with a great deal of help from mom , I seem to remember, lol.. on “Feeding the World’s Hungry”

    Did you know ?, That the world’s starving could be sustainied to a healthy life via the soybean crops alone. Why is it that this crop is not being utilized, to its’ fullest, as the base for the feeding of millions? Of course , we know , this is easily answered by looking at the national conglomerates that would lose out if the soy bean crops were widely accepted as a base for most meals .


  2. PoeticJaffaCake says:

    That’s the really sad part about the state of the worlds food economy, if we took all the land that we use to feed livestock, ie the crops we grow just for them. That land alone could be used to grow crops to feed every single human on the planet with some to spare. And yes, I got your email, thank you so much for the Birthday greetings 🙂

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