It Arrives!!!!!

No, not the baby stupid…..

The MP4 player!!! Oh!!! And it works 😀

Just getting it charged and loaded up and converting a few films. It’s the black one in the picture below btw, still waiting for number two …

Football on the weekend didnt go to plan, Chelsea lost to Aston Villa 2-0. It’s early days anyway, we were unlucky not to get a draw and to conceed a second so late. I’m not particulaly worried about it this early in the season, a few teams have had good starts but they always lose and draw a few. Chelsea’s strength is consistancy. We didnt have the luck this weekend, others have so far. Well a couple have.

So, what did I do this weekend? Over to my family’s on Saturday, walking the dog, keeping my Gran company. Then on Sunday it was out for dinner. With 8 of us it was like a tribal outting. Just think, soon it will be 6 of us just here!

Anyways, I’m in a good mood, and looking forward to having a proper fiddle with the player after I have done some converting to the correct resolutions and file sizes.


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