I keep missing people on irc, everytime I get to the computer they aren’t there and have *poked* me or something silly. It’s annoying! (The missing the people, not the poking).

Been over to my Grandparents today, walked the dogs, spent time with my family, it was nice. My £1 bets still haven’t come good, got a couple of results wrong on the football. I have to say that Liverpool seem to be a likely threat for the Premiership this season, more so than Manchester United. It just shows when it comes to teams like United that having a few key players out can disrupt their whole season. Chelsea had to manage all last year with big names on the sidelines. Glen Johnson has left us now too, I can’t see him being a big miss though. I’m sure he will become a better right back as he grows older but as for us now he is prone to too many mistakes. Good luck to him at Pompey, he needs the regular football. We play tomorrow of course. That gives me the chance to continue with my highlights videos.

Oh yeah, spuggy, fixed the guest book. The page was missing a few lines of code. Oops.

More from me later I guess.

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