Well it’s almost a goodbye from me to IRC, although I’ll still stick around in a couple of channels from time to time.
There isn’t really one big reason just a few little ones.

For a start I have come to realise that despite what I used to think IRC is basically a haven for the sad and lonely, that doesn’t include everyone of course. I’m refering to, for example, the guy that never seems to leave his computer or his house who lives north of the boarder, one of his close friends who has trouble sleeping and eating due in no small part I’m sure to the irc addiction. Some of these people have nothing but irc and chat in their lives, even the ones I know who work all tend to spend every spare minute online and fretting over a radio station that pulls in 25 listeners tops and worrying about who has the ‘powah’ over 30 people sitting at their computers typing and normally less than half that tuned in (Thats just an example). Of course there are the exceptions, people who see irc for what it is, a distraction from ‘life’ and not ‘life’ itself. It’s the ones who irc is their life that I feel sorry for. I have almost been there myself but have pulled back and tried to see everything objectively and that is my basic conclusion. I’ve been using irc for so many years and can spot the types, most of them started out in the fun loving vein as chatters as I op’d over them, before irc sucked the fun and addicted them over any other form of social activity, placing some kind of ‘importance’ on something that should really just be a distraction from reality.

My other reasons are personal, not that that normally stops me from putting them here, but I think that may be something for another blog.

So, what else is new? Nothing much, the girls have gone to their families for some of the summer holidays so it’s been peaceful around here. Plenty of time to do things I want to, like catch up on my reading and my other hobbies. Plus my Chelsea highlights seem to be doing really well and I am really loving doing them. Next match today at 5.30pm.

So, I’ll get another blog up at some point I guess.

“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”
Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900)

One Response to IRC

  1. JENAN says:

    aw Po , I know after a few weeks , IRC will not be missed as much as one might think. Apart from that , those that are caring .. at distant ..internet friends, are always just a click away on msn, and don’t forget the abilkty to have multiple chats to accommodate the pack, lmao..

    Truthfully I enjoy reading yours and others blogs , they are much more interesting then trying to have 3 word or less statements as convos..

    At least blogs for the most part, actually have one sharing something of their opinions, and ya can’t get a boot for that .

    So onward and forward , your time is valuable, one might as well spend it with people who actually have something worthwhile to share , appreciate your thoughts, deeds, and all you have to offer and share.

    God Bless to you , Ollie , the kids, and all your real internet friends.. I hope you manage to continue to forge those friendships that are sincere.

    love sweets

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