A Vid

As some of you know I have been doing this vegan thing for a while, and have started to read about the moral issues, if you want to do some reading you can use the link on my MSN, but I thought I might do a few vid posts, just cos this is something I believe in and I don’t think I have ever had a proper belief before heh.  I would say enjoy, but…..

3 Responses to A Vid

  1. Nikki says:

    This is disturbing… and very very sad 😦

    It has certainly opened my eyes…

  2. JENAN says:

    I have always been a meat eater, poulty and beef, less beef in recent years . I am also a western canadian, and have benefited from the rich economy of the cattle industry , but having seen this, and looked further at other sources, I am ill and heartbroken , that any life of any animal , should be treated so cruely. I really had no idea, it was so inhumane. It makes me feel ashamed. We would not allow our pets to be harmed or to suffer such inexcusable pain.

    I guess, what I would add here, is this , mankind does not have carnivorous teeth, we were never meant to be meat eaters. If we were , we would have a mouth of teeth like that of cannines, and other meat eating animals. As to protein , those sources can well be gotten from the likes of nuts and soy bean crops. But the cattle industry is too big to allow the soy bean industry to supercede it .

    World hunger could very well be eliminated on the the back of the soy bean industry , but then the world economy would have to deal with population growths, in nations , where they would rather see third world poverty , so they can continue to abuse those very populations , via cheap labor, and mass production of western products . People that are NOT hungry cannot be abused and taken advantage of.

    It seems we will be very quickly changing our diets in this household. The little guy will be happy , he hates meat . Tofu here I come. I do purchase organic free range eggs and poulty, so I am hoping that their demise is more humane also, but I will research that more.

    so tofu ( soy bean crop), fish, fruits and vegetables, and middle eastern spices, here we come !

    What do we do about milk ? God I hate soy milk , yuck !
    Although I fed Soy Milk, to the little guy as a baby ,( he and I are both lactose intolerant ) we love the taste of dairy milk but ya know we suffer for it too so I Guess I have to bite the bullet here!

    Anyway good job PO on this conviction.

  3. MrRudy says:

    I can’t add your feed to Feedburner. How I do this?

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