We Lying By SeaSand

Today I really want to break something. I haven’t been this angry in ages. I need a room with lots of stuff to break with people in it to punch too.

‘I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.’
– Thomas A. Edison

One Response to We Lying By SeaSand

  1. JENAN says:

    Feeling passionately about life doesn’t happen without experiencing all the aspects of emotions. It’s what makes us Human.

    This post brings to mind, 3 days ago with my little grandson. ( rage is someting he hates and yet , is very aware of , and it makes him feel quite upset , as he feels , it is out if his control ). He works very hard at learning to cope with emotions of anger and frustration, but after a right round of teasing by some thoughtless others, he was livid and very very angry. I tried to talk him through it , but he was just tensing evry muscle in his face and body. finally after watching him grip the table and move his body with a frantic searching look on his face, “I said what are you needing”, he said, “I need something to rip, break. “. awwwee… I said , remember that nice bedroonm you used to have , that has been off bounds for close to a year , “cause Grandma , can’t keep up with the destruction , let’s try to find something else to do besides break your STUFF that you have a right to. Let’s talk , because it IS OKAY TO BE ANGRY , and EXPRESS your Feelings. ( and on that Note I have to get that bedroom back in shape ).

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