Under Orders

So, here is a blog.  It’s just like any other blog except its written / typed by me.  Now this blog isnt really going to say much, in fact its going to be totally like every other blog I have written.

I might try and say something amusing in it, or play with a little anecdote, but I guess we will see.   When I write a blog I try to be as meaningful as possible, just like now.  There is usually a gem of wisdom in there, and possibly what I have been up to that day or in the past few days.

I might even include a Youtube video or a picture from time to time.  Or the latest website I have been fiddling with or creating, that reminds me there is a new one.

Anyways, time for me to finish, I hope you enjoyed it.


A Somebody

2 Responses to Under Orders

  1. Calliope says:

    Boo! Ooo Drogba

  2. Stop eyeing up Chelsea players!

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