Bye Bye MySpace Blog Current mood: artistic

I’m leaving it, yes!  It’s tacky and over rated and not fit for my blog 😮  So its moving back to it’s spiritual home, you can see where on where people who are interested can find it.

MySpace has its place, mainly for teens and misguided adults in my opinion and I almost got sucked into their world, heaven forbid.  I dont want my personal thoughts to be along side the whores that spend all day clicking ‘add’ and have 200+ friends who they have no clue about. You know who you are.  Myspace is for when I get bored, not a place to ogle tarts and for desperate men.  Well, yes it is, but not for me! lol  So, I’ll post quizzes when I get bored etc and look through my friends stuff now and again, but its back to the old blogger for me.

PS. Don’t forget to add me to your friends list if you read this…….


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