Shakespeare In Love

Haven’t seen the film for years, but have just finished watching it.

It touched my heart and more, I even had tears in my eyes more than once. It’s rare a film moves me to tears although they do emotionally effect me.

Basically the story is that of the composition of Romeo and Juliet based around a fictional romance William Shakespeare has. It’s fucking brilliant. Touching, humourous, saddening and I dont think there is an emotion it didnt bring out in me at some point.

I would advice anyone who hasnt seen it to watch it, especially if they know the play and can handle the 1500’s based language.

My favourite seen is the love making between William Shakespeare and his love where they form the lines to a scene from Romeo and Juliet, he is speaking them to her as they make love and her answering to him and it cuts back and forth to the scene of the play as they are being spoken on stage. Trust me, my words do no justice to it. I’m not Will lol

I cant possibly do justice to the film here, just see it and decide for yourselves. I promise it does justice to its best Oscar and I’m ashamed I havent watched it for so long.


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