Nothing To Do

So I have the house to myself and I’m bored. Just finished looking at some porn and doing other stuff 😉 Think I’m going to have a nap.

Christmas is coming up, I am looking forward to it in a weird way I guess, am more looking forward to New Years though. I love New Years eve, it’s an amazing time to spend with people. You can look back at the year gone by with all it’s ups and downs and look forward to the year to come with all it’s unknowns and what might bes. I guess its as close to anything as any of us will get to a fresh start. People think they can have fresh starts but its not true because we carry all the memories of our past with us, but at least on New Year’s eve we can put a full stop at the end of one year.

It’s more symbolic than anything, but us humans love all the symbolism and take any chance we get to use it to our emotional advantage.

Catch you all later.

‘Nowdays people know the price of everything, and the value of nothing.’

– Oscar Wilde

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