On The Mend

Ok, so it seems I am over the worst. Now I just feel drained and tired lol. A couple of good resting days should see me back to 100%

It’s difficult sometimes when you know something is wrong with people close to you but you cant find out what and they wont enlighten you. All you want to do is to try and make it better because when they are upset, so are you too. It’s funny how a connection like that is formed, how what effects one, effects another. I don’t know if animals are the same but I think its something uniquely human, that we can tell, just because we know that person so well.

I don’t have huge amounts to talk about really as I havent been back in the land of the living long enough.

I’m sure I’ll soon be back to full ranting form.

‘We do not know what we want and yet we are responsible for what we are – that is the fact.’
Jean-Paul Sartre

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