Flattery and Something Funny

Flattery is a wonderful thing, as long as it doesnt make you big headed. A compliment can go a long way, and I dont mean about a physical attribute. It’s all well and good for someone to say you have nice eyes for example, but I happen to think a compliment on your personality goes that much further.

I dont think there are many things in the world better than making someone smile and to make them happy. Shame I cant do it as often as I would like, personality flaw.

Now for something amusing……

From the Wiki How To….

How to Avoid Marriage and Other Committed Relationships

Are your friends and family or a lover pushing you to tie the knot? Are you determined that this is something that is just not for you, at least not at this time?

You’re not alone. Marriage is not for everyone. Avoiding it can be difficult, but follow these simple steps and you will remain happily single!


  1. Make an agreement with yourself that no one, but no one is going to push you into marriage, not your mother, your friends, nor the hot babe with the ones.
  2. Tell all your sweeties that you’re just not ready and you’ll let THEM know when you’re ready.
  3. If sweet gal gets pushy, first stop talking to her for a while. If that does not work, dump her.
  4. Never tie yourself down or limit yourself to one girl.
  5. Never date the same woman twice in one week–rotate your dates.
  6. Ask a woman out EVERY DAY. (Build up that black book!)


  • Marriage never made a bad relationship better.
  • A pushy woman now will be a pushier wife later.
  • Commitment starts with love, NOT the other way around.


  • Aways use protection! Many men have been trapped by women who think that the way to the alter is through pregnancy.

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