Windows Vista….

I dont think anyone other than those who buy a new computer and get it bundled as an OEM are going to be thinking about upgrading…..

Microsoft are trying to force certain sectors of the computing industry though. IE gamers, they will need DirectX10 to play new releases and this will only be available with Vista.

I dont know why anyone would want a bloated over priced operating system with little or no major improvements.

Hardware requirements have gone through the roof aswell.

When I build my new computer I’m gonna turn into a Linux fanboy I think, its free and so is 99% of the software you would use, even my beloved irc can be run from it. Have used it before so it shouldnt really be a problem. I’ll only run windows for programs that can only be used with windows. There arent that many out there that a freebie version Linux doesnt exist for.

Rant over.

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