So here we are again…….

…… First off I have to deal with some issues relating to my last blog entry.

Those of you who deemed it appropriate to email me etc regarding it should really have take somethings into account before doing so. If they looked at the blog entries posting time and worked out the time difference they might have realised that is was written before certain events.

I think its a case of guilty conscience syndrome to be honest. If you arent guilty of being thought about when I wrote the entry then why worry about it? Simple answer would be you see your traits in that message.

Moving on………

Trust is a major part of all friendships and more. It is a part of our everyday lives. Whenever we move forward in any relationship trust is given, or should be, I think, until proven wrong and taken away. Doesn’t everyone bend things a little in their favour from time to time? If you are thinking no, then I wouldnt trust you to begin with.

Honesty when it most matters is what counts. One thing I can and will say without any compunction is that lies aimed directly at people and designed to cause hurt and pain are wrong.

No one is 100% honest all the time. Fact.

I am no more guilty than the majority.

That said, my choices arent always perfect. Less than. But who’s right is it to criticise me? I would say only one person at this moment in time, and that is me.

I’m not sure if I’m coming across really well in this blog entry, but so be it. I’m not sure if what I am saying is correct either. But its my best guess.

With regards to THE Gossips, I’ll be back in a place where they can all face me sooner rather than latter. However such is the nature of the persona that is a gossip. Sniping and whispers behind my back are more likely as others have found out no doubt. Face me if you dare. Cowardice is unbecoming, except its a trait akin to the species that is a Gossip.

I would relish the chance to have them face to face and tell them what I really think. I wont answer to the gossip itself, because the ones that count have already asked me the truth of my situation and been given it.

Feels good to be back heh


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