Bush in Vietnam…..

…… Not a sex joke, but both make me laugh for different reasons.

You crazy Americans, OJ Simpson has a TV interview and book deal on ‘If I Did It’. Apparently he talks about how he would have killed his wife. I smell a rat heh. Is this just a way of getting back into the limelight as we know he wont get a penny due to the civil case brought by his wife’s family after her murder and his acquittal. He owes them something like 300 million. Only in America.

Baby Spice still cries when she thinks about the Spice Girls as a group. I do too, but for different reasons.

Bugger, this has started like a gossip column, I promise improvements, honestly.

Oh yeah, I gave my collectable toys to the girls. It was agony watching them being ripped open lol.

I do have more to write, but I’ll go gently on my new blog virgins. Plus I dont want to put you all off with the above crap 🙂


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